Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Arc 2: Rivers Run Red

With a year of kingdom building under their belt, the party set out to do more exploring and have some adventure. They helped one of the rare thylecene out of a hole. They had also had an unfortunate encounter with a barghest that attacked their camp one night. Following that they came upon a delicate situation.

Melianse the nixie had charmed several loggers after they cut down trees near her pond. This, not unreasonably, angered the Corax, the leader of the loggers. After cooling tempers the party said that they would see that the trees were replaced if Melinanse released the loggers and told them where to find suitable lumber.

Hoping to get some tree tokens, the party sought out a nearby dryad. They discovered that Tiressia and her consort, Falchos, were under threat from a scythe tree. They readily tracked the vicious plant down and slew it. They were able to return with the tokens to Melinanse. This resulted in them earning the friendship of all the fey involved.

They also had the misfortune to run into Bokken‘s brother. He was an evil hermit. They were forced to kill him. However, they were able to return their mother’s ring to Bokken. They also found a map that claimed to lead to treasure.

When they returned to Beornholm they discovered that there had been several brutal murders. A maid named Saki and a Shepard boy named Brevan had been killed. The party investigated until they had narrowed the likely suspects down to a kelid named Kundal. They waited outside the inn he was at until he emerged, transformed as a werewolf. They were able to subdue him, though barely. They took him to Jhod who helped cure him of the condition he was not even aware of. This also helped make up for Jhod’s past mistake. Kundal was quite grateful for being saved from his curse and was happy to join the barony’s leadership as a headsman and problem solver.

The party listened to a few rumors for possible adventures and ways to help their kingdom grow or trouble that was brewing. Sir Eluwak was approached by Lily who was hoping he might find her some fine elven artwork. They slew the white worg, Howl-of-the-North-Wind and his pack of wolves. Arlon struck the killing blow and so took the pelt to make a cloak. They followed the treasure map they had found to a barrow mound. After slaying the restless dead they found an excellent sword for Eluwak. The party explored a lake and made their way out to Candlemere Keep. Arlon cast diminish plants to get rid of the thorny overgrowth. They managed to fight off a will-o-wisp, but were forced to retreat till they had more forces to fully clear it out.

They came across a strange hut. There they met the swamp witch Old Belledame. She was cranky, but politeness won her over. She told the party that she would buy any black cap mushrooms they found. They found a good patch of the mushrooms guarded by a tendriculos. They defeated it and got a good hall of mushrooms thanks to Arlon casting plant growth a few times. Belledame was happy to have the mushrooms. After talking to her a few more times, Arlon convinced her to move to Beornholm and set up a shop where she would be safe from bandits.

The party continued to explore. It was bonding time for them and they talked over their campfires. As they explored along the waterways they were lured into trap by a lecaoute, but killed the tricky monster. Content Not Found: arlong found himself a good suit of blue dragonhide armor.

The party focused on growing their kingdom yet more. A local artist had created a small boom in growth when his artwork ended up in demand. Trouble came though when a man named Grigori started trying to stir the populace against its leaders. The party and the other leaders showed a unified front and Arlon tried to make a counter speach to agianst Grigori. It was to no avail, but Edmund determined that Grigori was using magic to influence the crowd. They arrested Grigori and put him on trial and he was convicted. Arlon gave him an opportunity to be pardoned, but he could not give the name of who had sent him. He was executed for treason.

Arlon had signet rings topped with amber they found on one of their adventurs made for the party members that would act as a spell focus. They listened to many rumors of places to explore. However, the one that caught their attention was a missing boy named Tig. They set out immediately to find him.

The party encountered Jubilost and his gnomes while searching for Tig. His wagons were falling in a river, but the party was able to help rescue them. He could not provide them any information on Tig, but did offer to sell them some maps which they purchased to help them explore. They got maps marked: hodag den, king of the forest, and elven keep.

The party encountered a pack of trolls. It was a hard battle that nearly resulted in their death, but they slew all of the ravenous giants. This lent credit to the rumors of trolls plagueing the south.

The party came at last to the camp of the lizardfolk tribe. They discovered that the boy Tig was being held their and tormented. Most of the tribe was not happy with this, finding the unnecessary suffering distasteful, but they were ordered too by the chief and the ancestor spirit he followed. The party confronted the chief and named his spirit a will-o-wisp. After a hard fight they killed the lizard king and his spirit. The tribe then swore allegiance to Arlon. They then returned Tig to his family.

The party started out again to deal with rumors and quests. They killed the giant snapping turtle Old Crackjaw. Arlon struck the killing blow and took the shell to hang on the castle wall. They followed the map to the old elven keep which was inhabbited by wicked fey. The Dancing Lady charmed Sir Eluwak and that was nearly the end of the party, but Arlon was able to bring her down. Unfortunately the quickling was able to escape. Eluwak took an elven statue back to Lily and was rewarded with her affections and a magic cloak. They hunted down the hodag and Arlon took the spear that was logged in its hide. A hungry pack of wolves tried to make a meal of them, but they killed a few and ran some off. The party encountered the lone hill giant Munguk and were able to calm him after Eluwak offered him some spirits. Arlon convinced the giant to come back with them to Beornholm despite some protests from the others. The giant was happy to work for food and alcohol though and put under the care of Belledame to keep him out of trouble.

The party returned to Beornholm to do some nation building. Content Not Found: roy approached the council about building a new town where the party had slain a pair of tazylwyrms. Arlon agreed, eager to expand their boarders and influence. Bad news came when Chief Sootscale brought reports of a possible cult of Gyrona. The party investigated several suspects then set kolbold spies to watch them. When one revealed herself they tracked her to the meeting of the other cultists and killed them all.

The party finally set out to deal with the troll menace. Along the way they were able to kill the forest drake that had plagued the area. Jhod and some soldiers formed a fall back point while the party entered and fought the trolls. Thosys was nearly killed by the troll leader, but Arlon struck down the monster. The party’s victory was short lived for when the returned they found that Olegton had nearly been wiped out by a rampaging giant owlbear. After seeing to aid and rescue the party set off to track down the beast. Arlon was determined to protect his people. They found the owlbear in its lair and killed it, Arlon landing the killing blow. The remains in the cave suggested that some bandits were trying to train the owlbear for their own end. They found a owlbear chick among the remains of the owlbear’s family and Arlon opted to adopt it and raise it. They named it Scrag.

They returned to Beornholm with the intent of managing the kingdom for the winter. Tragety struck when Thosys was assassinated. Arlon and Sir Eluwak tracked down and killed the assassin personally. Arlon has since charged Chief Sootscale with finding out who hired the assassin. They build a tribue to their fallen comrad in Olegton. They started to work on building two new towns. A dwarf named Korbar Swordbreaker picked a fight with Sir Eluwak in a bar and it was up to Arlon to break it up. Eluwak held no grudge though and sponsored Korbar to be the new marshal. Work was completed on Eraville and Nimsai. When the stage actor McHail Paxon passed through it was good publicity combind with a good growing season for the kingdom. Arlon had long eyed Candlemere Keep as a place to build at. He gathered together the party, Jhod, Kundal, and Content Not Found: Akiros to go and clear out the will-o-wisps. They succeeded at that, but found that a curse still held over the place and would not be fit for colonization until they found a way to deal with it.



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