Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Arc 1: Stolen Land

The party, led by Arlon, arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post after being chartered to explore and map the Stolen Lands. They met Oleg and his wife, Svetlana. They found that the two were being extorted by local bandits. The party set up an ambush and took down the bandits without much trouble. They also learned of a woman named Krestal that was leading a larger band and that they were all under a bandit king named the Stag Lord.

The day after the party took care of the initial bandit problem a man named Kesten arrived with a small group of mercenaries to help defend Oleg’s trading post. He had been dispatched from Rostland. He asked the party to keep an eye out a robber named Falgorm Sneed. A day later a priest of Erastil by the name of Jhod arrived. Him and Arlon developed a quick friendship based on mutual faith. As well, Oleg asked the party to try and find Svetlana’s stolen wedding ring.

The party continued to explore the Narlmarches. They found radishes for Svetlana and a trapper under a deadfall, killed by his own trap apparently. At a temple they were chased away by an enraged bear. Later they were able to kill the infamous boar, Tuskgutter. They befriended a hermit named Bokken

Eventually the party came across a clan of mites. They ended up rescuing a kolbold named Mikmek. Mikmek asked them to take a statue back to his tribe in hopes of freeing them from the rule of the tribes shaman. The party accompanied him back and gave the statue to Chief Sootscale to destroy. The party then confronted the shaman, Tartuk and killed him. Along with the friendship of the Sootscale tribe, the party was able to recover Svetlana’s ring.

The party continued to explore. They met a friendly hunter named Paul who shared some rabbits with them for dinner. They harvested fang berries for Content Not Found: booken. There was a quick encounter with some spiders. A fairy dragon warned them of a bridge that was unsafe. They freed a slerk from a pit trap, most likely left by the irresponsible hunter they found dead in his own trap. They were surprised to be attacked by giant frogs at a lake.

On a return to Oleg’s Trading Post, Jhod confided to Arlon that he had been defrocked for causing the death of an innocent man. However, he had been given visions of a temple in the woods guarded by a cursed bear. Arlon told him that they had encountered a bear like that a while back and promised to break the curse. The party returned to the temple and slew the bear, they were much better prepared this time and took him down without casualty.

They continued to explore. They met a boggard named Garum. While it nearly came to blows, they were able to make peace with him, he just wanted left alone. They killed two tazelwyrms at a river crossing and took the heads for Oleg. They also found a map to help them explore, though they had explored most places it mentioned. They were saddened to find a unicorn corpse with the horn cut off. They made a cairn for it. They found a barbarian cairn. Most of the party did not want to loot the graves, but Edmund took a ring of swimming from one. A group of wandering grigs camped with them for a night. They said that some pranks the party experienced a while back might have been by their cousin Titurtut.

Returning to the trading post they found that the Sword Lords had tasked them with slaying the Stag Lord, the bandit king of the Greenbelt. The party started to hunt for Stag Lord. They encountered one of his victims, or what was left of him while trying to cross a river. The undead Davik Nettle demanded the body of the Stag Lord before he would let his crossing be used.

The party found the Stag Lord’s fort and snuck in. That did require a fight with some zombies. Once inside they faced down his minions. A man named Akiros turned on the other bandits. The party was mistrustful of him at first, but it became apparent that he loathed the bandits and wished to make up for his time with them. As well, they were able to capture Sneeg for Kesten.

They found the Stag Lord and his pet owlbear. It was a ferocious battle. The party and akios were nearly overcome. However, working together they prevailed over the Stag Lord. Accompanied by Akiros they tossed the Stag Lord’s body into Nettle’s Crossing and used his head as proof of his death. The Sword Lords rewarded the party with a charter to start a new barrony.

Arlon readily accepts the title of baron while appointing the other party members along with others they have met into other leadership roles. The party spends the next year claiming lands. The first thing they do is turn Oleg’s Trading Post into the center of their first town, Olegton. They had ups and downs through the process. There was a scandal involving Thosys and a farmer’s daughter. They had an economic boon when Arlon’s choice of clothing became a trend in Brevoy. Towards the end of the first year there was a zombie plague, but they quickly put that down. There was an attempt on Edmund’s life for a past slight to a noble, but the party was able to save him. There last action for that year was to found their capital at the site of the Stag Lord’s fort. They named the capital Beornholm.



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