Name: Duke Arlon Medvyed
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Class: Bear Shaman (Druid)
Role: Ruler

Description: Tall and muscular, Arlon can be quite imposing. Long hours out doors have left his skin bronzed. His chestnut hair forms a shaggy mane. The features of his face are hard and angular like the were cut from stone giving him a commanding and determined expression. His green eyes are quite expressive and open, drawing people in when he smiles. He wears rugged, well maintained leathers in earthy tones of brown with only a minimal amount of emroiderment, mainly in green trim. He sports a breastplate made of blue dragon scales. It is as supple as any leather, but as tough as the finest steal. Draped over his shoulders is heavy cloak of snow white worg fur, the pelt of Howl-of-the-North-Wind. Atop his head is a helm shaped like a stag’s skull, including a sturdy pair of antlers. In his hand he holds a spear with a long, wavy head that appears razor sharp. Across his back is powerful recurve longbow. Around his neck is a hand carved holy symbol of Erastil, a bow and arrow turned down so that the bow looks like elk antlers. A dusty rose ioun stone orbits around his head.


Arlon is the third son of a Medvyed branch family. He grewup in the Gronzi Forest. He eventually became the apprentice to a druid. Those skills were of good use in the woodland community. However, no mater what he did, how many bandits he stopped, he realized he could never rise above his station. As a third son there was little to inherit and leadership of the community would fall to the eldest. While Arlon valued being a protector of the community and was respected as a leader, he would not be content with his low station. When he heard that adventurers were being hired to explore the stolen lands, he knew it was his opportunity for greatness. He practically demanded to be put in charge of an expedition.


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