Name: Jhod Kavken
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Cleric of Erastil 5
Role: High Priest

Special: Provides free spellcasting. Can create Wondrous Items and Scrolls.


Jhod arived at Oleg’s Trading Post just after the party had cleared out the bandits that had been menacing it. For a while he provided friendship to Arlon until finally confiding to him that he had been defroked after wrongly accusing a man of lycanthropy. He had been having dreams about an enraged bear in an anchient temple. Arlon said that they had encountered the temple before and that he would be glad to help Jhod clense it. After the party had put the enraged bear to rest Jhod felt renewed faith and agreed to give the party free spellcasting for life.

Sense the founding of Eraville, Jhod has resided at the cleansed temple.


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