Tag: Beornholm


  • Arlon

    Arlon is the third son of a Medvyed branch family. He grewup in the Gronzi Forest. He eventually became the apprentice to a druid. Those skills were of good use in the woodland community. However, no mater what he did, how many bandits he stopped, he …

  • Kundal

    A Kelid barbarian that we cured of lycanthropy. Is generally grateful to us.

  • Akiros

    The party first met Akiros when they were attacking the [[Stag Lord]]'s fort. He was a bandit, but chose to throw his lot in with the party. They were wary at first, but he proved to be a true and invaluable ally. Akiros later confided in Arlon that …

  • Belledame

    The party met Belledame while exploring. While she can be rough, she is nice enough to anyone that is polite. She appreciated the party acquiring some rare mushrooms for her. [[:arlon]] eventually convinced her to move to [[Beornholm]] where she would …

  • Munguk

    The party came across Munguk in the forest while exploring. He was upset by his general lack of moonshine. Eluwak was able to help appease him by sharing some of his own spirits. The party made camp with him and the giant became quickly attached to them. …

  • Brevin

    Brevin is a distant cousin of [[:arlon]]'s that moved to Beornholm a year past. He enjoys hunting.

  • Krolmnite

    A gnome scholar that moved to [[Beornholm]] to act as the head librarian and archivist at the new library.

  • Paul

    Paul first met the party when they were exploring the forests of the [[Greenbelt]]. He made dinner with them and shared his rabits. As the years passed he came to respect the new Duke and was pleased when [[:arlon]] called for his service as a master of …

  • Edrist Hanvaki

    Edrist is an idle noble living in Beornholm. He asked the party to find his brother Tomen or at least return their mother's broach that he had. The party found the body of Tomen in a gully and placed it under a carin. They brought back the broach and told …

  • Scrag

    The party found Scrag half starved under his mother's corpse when hunting down his father, the owlbear that had wrecked [[Olegton]]. They elected to nurse him back to health.