Tag: Olegton


  • Oleg

    Oleg founded [[Oleg's Trading Post]] with his wife, [[:svetlana]]. The party helped chase away bandits that were attacking. After the party received a charter they made Oleg's Trading Post the center of the first settlement, [[Olegton]]. Oleg was …

  • Lily

    Lilly is a local flirt that took a liking to Eluwak. She asked him to get her some fine elven artwork while exploring. He was able to oblige and she now owns a beautiful elven statue. She rewarded him with her father's old enchanted cloak.

  • Bokken

    When the party first met Bokken he was a hermit living not to far from [[Oleg's Trading Post]]. He asked the party to keep an eye out for his brother while they were exploring. His brother turned out to be a murderous hermit. They were able to retrieve …