Tag: Wilderness


  • Garuum

    The party encountered Garum in the swamp while exploring. It almost ended in a fight, but they were able to communicate to them that they mean no harm. The bogart himself seems uninterested in trouble and just wants to be left alone. [[:arlon]] has made …

  • Melianse

    The party met Melianse while exploring. She had charmed two loggers out of a group that was harvesting trees near her pool. [[:arlon]] mediated between her and the leader of the loggers, [[:corax]], to resolve the situation peacefully. She agreed to point …

  • Tiressia

    The party met Tiressia and her consort, [[:falchos]], while exploring at the edge of the Narlmarches. They were in desperate need of help because a skythe tree had been hunting their woods. The party agreed to help and slew the plant monster. The pair …

  • Falchos

    The party met Falchos and [[:tiressia]] while exploring. They were imparled by the a scythe tree, but the party slew it for them.

  • Tig

    Tig is an adventurous young boy. Unfortunately he wandered deep into the forest. He was captured by the lizardfolk of the swamp. Fortuantely the party was able to rescue him and return him to his family.

  • Xumanthe

    Xumanthe is the daughter of the [[:aecora]], the priestess of the Nomen centaur tribe. Willful and curious, she disobeyed her mother and broke tibal taboos to explore the tomb of Vordakai. She was captured and paralyzed until the party rescued her. They …