Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Consolidating the Borders

Ark 4

With things starting to settle down, Arlon wanted to prepare Ausvedania for growth. The first order of business was exploring some parts of the land they had aquired when Varnhold joined them. He took Yevan, Sir Eluwak and Korbar Swordbreaker. Edmund remained behind, to busy with item creation and other work for what seemed like a mundane task.

First, they found the Cascades of the Shrike River. The great waterfall meant that water traffic would have to stop at that point, but it also provided a scenic view that people would come from far to view. Continuing into the mountains they encountered a group of ettercaps attempting to ambush them. Arlon exterminated them with a single flamestrike and they forgot the encounter as quick as it had begun. They then begun a descent back towards the low lands so as to explore some of the southern border. They spotted a giant bird in the distance, and Arlon wondered if it might not be a roc.

Exploring the hills was fairly uneventful. They did have some luck, though, when they discovered a small hole in the ground that led to a cave of gems. They made note of it with the intent of starting a mine there in the near future. Far more important though, they spotted a giant eagle. Arlon called out to the avian who landed to converse with them. He revealed his name was Content Not Found: lalio. Arlon impressed him with his manners and rhetoric, as well as promises to respect the territory of him and other eagles. They parted on good terms. As they headed back towards Beornholm they encountered a rogue chimera. Aside from some wounds to Korbar, the beast was swiftly defeated.

On there return, Arlon started supervising further work on the city and castle. Korbar was more focused on securing the new holdings on Candlemere. Eluwak had a smaller scale idea, but one just as dear to his heart. He and his wife planned to open an inn.



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