The Lilypad Lodge

OWNER – Lily and Eluwak Teskertin
LOCATION- Candlemere

You wander down the path, tired and dirty from your last adventre. Ahead lies a beautiful stone building with a sign made from the cross section of a big cherry tree. A picture of a frog and the word “LilyPad” are burnt into the wood. The smell of yeast is in the air, probably coming from the vents protruding out of the north-east corner of the structure. As you near the front door, you can hear horses. Two men are mucking a stall in the small stable on the west side of the building.

You walk in the door and the pleasent aroma of cooked pheasant fills your nostrils. Taking a quick glance around, you see men playing darts to the right. Just beyond them is a long bar with a few patrons sitting on stools. Two burly men are behind the bar, washing dishes and pouring mead. In the center of the room is an intricate stone pillar with a statue of Cayden Cailean holding a keg. A Placard of Wisdom on the keg reads “Be the kind of person you wouldn’t mind running a tab for.” A waitress can be seen toward the back of the building. She moves with the grace and balance of a dancer, as she drops drinks off to people siting at a few long tables. A troope of actors stand on the stage, preforming for the patrons enjoying their dinner.

A friendly face, behind the counter to your left, greets you. “Hail traveler! Welcome to The LilyPad Lodge. How long will you be staying with us?” As you sign the ledger, the woman slides a key across the desk and says “You will be in room 4”. She points to a finely crafted stone staircase in the far corner of the lodge. As you approach the stairs, you notice a locked door that reads “PRIVATE.” Continuing past, you head down the stairs.

The stairs lead to a stone cellar. A few men are working in front of stills, filling barrels and stacking them in the corner. Against the wall is a workstation with tools scattered across it. Sacks of hops, barly, and other spices lay strewn around the workstation. One of the men notices that you look lost, and says “Lodging is upstairs.”

Going up the stairs leads you to a hallway lined with doors. The first two doors on the left are marked “ROYAL ROOM” & “LAVATORY,” the others are numbered 1 through 4. You enter the room marked “4.” Against the back wall are two soft beds with fresh linens. A small table and chair reside in one corner. In the other corner sits an empty chamber pot. You releave your bladder before laying down and taking a much needed rest. As you drift off to sleep, you tell yourself “I gotta try some of that delicious cooking before I leave.”

The Lilypad Lodge

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